Things To Do In Florida

The Majestic City of Clearwater, Florida

As the name given to this beautiful city of Florida suggests, Clearwater is actually surrounded by clear water.

The west the city opens to the Gulf of Mexico and to its southeast is Tampa Bay. Clearwater is famous for its tourism spots that are blessed with an abundance of beauty. Tourists love to visit the city for its crystal clear waters, marine life exhibits and its warm tropical weather that is dominated by the gentle breezes from the Gulf of Mexico making tourists never wanting to leave.

This sunny beach town is surrounded by mangroves and filled with exotic wildlife. One of the best features of the tourism in the city is that you can explore Clearwater on a kayak. Here are some of the best things to do and places to visit in this magnificent city that has an age of over 100 years.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

It’s more like a relief center for the sick and wounded marine animals. Once these animals such as dolphins, pelicans, otters and turtles are attended and healed by the professionals working here, they’re released back into their natural environment. An interesting fact about the place is that this facility used to be the water treatment plant of the city. Another interesting trivia about this marine aquarium is that it was used as a filming site for a popular movie “Dolphin Tale”. The two dolphins that featured in that movie belonged to this aquarium and are still the residents here. Tourists still love to visit these dolphins in their large pools. Visitors can get close to these animals and also feed them.

Down South Kite & Paddle

The best way to explore the nature that surrounds Clearwater is to paddle with the professional guides of “Down South Kite & Paddle”. You can kiteboard, paddleboard or kayak across the dense mangroves and beautiful waterways that are home to ospreys, pelicans and other fishes and birds. You can also kayak across the Gulf Coast where Calusa Indians used to fish more than 1,000 years ago.

Clearwater Beach  

Clearwater Beach is famous for tourists and local people flocking over here to see gorgeous sunsets. Not only the water here is crystal clear, but also the beach has been voted as one of the most visited and beloved beaches of Florida. You can indulge in water sports, fish or just stroll over the white sand.
Clearwater Beach Florida

Pier 60

Pier 60 is a fabulous fishing pier that is very close to the Clearwater Beach. Some of the facets of this pier that make it a must-see tourist destination are that it is 1,080 feet long, has its own park around it and there are these gorgeous viewing pavilions that have telescopes installed in them for you to enjoy the distant views of sea stretched over miles.

Clearwater Beach Marina

There are more than 126 boats here out of which you can choose anyone to take you on a guided boat tour of Gulf of Mexico. These boats at the marina are for rental purposes as well. You can rent the boat you like and take to water on your own. You can experience the gentle breeze of the Gulf and also witness the glowing vistas of the city. See more.

Sky Surfing Aviation

Sky surfing is like boarding upon a flying motorcycle. If you have that sort of adventurous soul then sky surfing aviation has to be the ultimate activity for you. Sky surfing makes you surf the sky in a hanging glider. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t does this before because you’ll fly with an instructor who’ll control the glider. These one hour flying sessions take you above Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Pier 60, Clearwater Marina, and finally out into the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re lucky enough you might be able to spot sharks, dolphins and turtles from up above in the crystal clear waters below. All the sky surfing tours start from Clearwater Airpark. If you’re after some adrenaline rush, this sport must not be missed.

Clearwater Farmer’s Market

This fresh food market harnesses the very best of Florida’s tropical food and brings it here in the market for locals and tourists to buy. This food is farm fresh and the market operates on the straight from farm to table ideology. This is the perfect place to enjoy locally baked items, crisp vegetables and colorful fruits every day. The market also sells farm fresh honey, jams and yogurt. Tourists love to buy handicrafts from here while relishing the delicious treats like smoothies and salsa.

Clearwater is one of the extraordinary tourist destinations Florida has to offer. People come here for the beaches, but end up staying for dining, shopping, beach festivals and concerts. You can ride the waves with dolphins and turtles or glide in sir surfing the sky, Clearwater has just the right and delightful tourism options for you and your families.