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Delicious Food That Florida Does Best

Some countries and cities around the World are famous for particular foods and meals. For example, Spain is famous for the Tortilla dish, which essentially is a thick egg and potato omelet. France famously created the croissant and Germany is known for its sausages.

Like all of these places, the state of Florida is famed for a specific food. These specificities can be narrowed down to Famous Food Florida Key Lime Pieregions and sometimes cities. Trying local dishes is all part and part of learning about the local culture. If you’re a foodie or an adventurer looking to taste something new, keep reading to find out what Florida has to offer you.

Key Lime Pie

Have you ever tried Key Lime Pie? This delicious dessert was invented in Key West, Florida.  The pie, as we know it, is believed to date back to the early 20th century, when it was mentioned by Key West’s first millionaire, William Curry.  His cook made the pie for him, she was referred to as “Aunt Sally,” so it may be even older. The pie consists of lime, milk, and eggs.


The number one food item that Florida is known for, is of course, oranges. The month in which you visit Florida may provide you with a different member of the orange family to eat or drink. For example, the tasty Honeybell Tangelos is best in January, while the delightful Temple Oranges are best eaten in February. If you find fruits hard to peel, the easy to peel Honey Tangerines may be better for you, they flourish in March. Orange can be bought and served throughout the country. But how do you prefer to consume your oranges? Eat them or drink them?


Due to the large coastline, Florida is an ideal place to indulge in seafood. The fresh food choices are practically endless. Here are some to get your mouth watering:

Oysters – If you find yourself in the Apalachicola Bay area, the local favorite is the Apalachicola Oyster. Traditionally they are served raw and swallowed in one go. However, this high in protein seafood can also be enjoyed steamed or roasted.

Florida Lobster – If you have had lobster in other parts of the USA, like Maine, which also has decent seafood, then you will notice something different. The Spiny lobster in Florida doesn’t have its claws. If you don’t want a whole lobster, just order the lobster tail, which is often boiled and served with butter.

Blue Crab – Florida’s Gulf enjoys a good helping of Blue Crab, which can be eaten with a soft or hard shell.

Shrimps – The best shrimp in Florida can be found in Key West, which is why they go by the name of Key West Pinks. They can be eaten all year round in restaurants, but a majority of the shrimp fishing takes place between November and July, so this is when they are at their most fresh.

The Cuban Sandwich

When Cuban immigrants started to make their way to Florida, the Cuban Sandwich was invented to support them in their new home. Since then it has become a strong part of the Floridian food culture. You must try this heart-warming sandwich in Miami. It consists of ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on Cuban bread.

Gator Tail/Gator Bites

When you think of Florida, what is the first animal you think of? A safe bet would be Alligator, as the state of Florida has the largest community of Alligator’s in the World, with over 1.5 million. Alligator is becoming increasingly popular, as the meat is tender and flavorsome. Gator Bites and Gator Tail are the usual forms of food you will see on the menu. The best place to try these unique scrumptious nibbles is Fort Lauderdale.

Out of these Florida favorites, which will you taste first?