Things To Do in Miami

Miami is Florida’s largest metropolitan area in terms of population, which means that a comprehensive list of “Miami things to do” would be very long indeed. The list of things to do in Miami includes museums, sporting events, shopping, beach activities, and many other activities that are unique to South Florida.

10 Days In South FloridaMiami—as well as the city of Miami Beach, which is just across the causeway—has a style and a personality all its own. When looking for uniquely Miami things to do, keep in mind that this city is truly international. As the gateway to Latin America and the rest of the Caribbean, Spanish is spoken about as often as English, and those influences are reflected in the dining and shopping experiences. The European influence of the Art Deco movement is on display in South Beach, where the iconic hotel buildings set the backdrop for the dazzling nightlife on Miami Beach.

For travelers who want to experience what the Miami area has to offer, here are the top 10 suggestions for things to do in Miami.

Top 10 Things to do in Miami Florida

  • Shop at Bayside Marketplace: The Bayside Marketplace combines a breezy outdoor shopping venue with entertainment and dining. Grab a quick bite at the food court or enjoy a sit down meal. There is something for every member of the family at the Bayside Marketplace.
  • Cruise Biscayne Bay: Enjoy Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline the way it was meant to be seen—by boat! Many cruises starting in Miami also offer day excursions to other South Florida attractions like the Everglades and Key West.
  • Cheer on Miami sports teams: Miami has more professional sports teams than any other Florida city: Catch a football game with the Miami Dolphins, baseball with the Florida Marlins, basketball with the Miami Heat, and the Florida Panthers NHL team.
  • Miami International Merchandise Mart: Miami is the gateway to Latin America, and nowhere is this more evident than the Miami International Merchandise Mart. Find affordable products and authentic Latin American cuisine in a marketplace with plenty of international flair.
  • Visit the Miami Seaquarium: One of Miami’s favorite tourist destinations for families is the Miami Seaquarium. More than 40 years ago, the Seaquarium was the shooting location for the Flipper television series. Today, the Miami Seaquarium hosts live performances featuring dolphins and killer whales plus hundreds of other exhibits and a chance to swim with the dolphins.
  • Explore the Miami Science Museum: Children and adults are encouraged to learn more about the natural world—and beyond—at the Miami Science Center. The museum includes Planetarium and a wildlife center, so there are plenty of reasons to make return visits.
  • The Miami Metrozoo: The Miami Metrozoo has won a number of awards for the successful breeding of rare and endangered animal species, such as the Komodo dragon, Cuban crocodiles and the Matschie’s tree kangaroos.
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: Located in the south Miami neighborhood of Coconut Grove, the Vizcaya mansion was completed in 1916 and served as the winter home for International Harvester VP James Deering, until his death in 1925. Visitors taking the house tour will feel as if they are walking through an Italian villa, and much of the artwork was obtained right before the outbreak of World War I.
  • Tour the Art Deco historic district in Miami Beach: The crown jewel of South Florida architecture—and arguably one of the most beautiful historic districts in the country—is located right here in Miami Beach. Art Deco hotels from the late 1920s through the early 1940s have been lovingly restored to their former glory, thanks to the efforts of the Miami Design Preservation League.
  • South Beach: What’s a trip to Florida without a visit to the beach? The Sunshine State’s most famous beach is well known for attracting super models from around the globe, with more people watching on Ocean Drive just a few yards away.

When looking for things to do in Miami, keep in mind that there is always something going on 24 hours a day. From sunny days to balmy nights, the list of Miami things to do can be as long as you are willing to stay awake.