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Beach Activities to Enjoy the Beach to the Max!

Beach FunSummer is not yet over! There is still plenty of sunshine to be enjoyed on the beach. Here are more than 10 beach activities to keep you and your family entertained during your sunbathing and swimming sessions.

Best Activities for Families

Fill the Bucket: Add some excitement with this water relay. Divide the family into two or more teams and give each player a plastic cup and each team a bucket. The objective is to be the first team to fill the bucket. Team members take it, in turn, to fill up their cup with sea water and empty it into their bucket. Be careful not to spill it on your sprint back!

Musical Towels: If you feel comfortable playing music on the beach this is a fun game, especially with a group of children. Musical Towels is basically Musical Chairs, but with beach towels on the sand. Make a circle or a line with the towels and start the music. Remember you need to start with 1 less towel to the number of participating players. Each time the music stops everyone runs to sit on a towel and the person left standing is out of the game. Remove a towel each time before you play the music again. The winner is the player sitting on the last remaining towel.

Bubble Factory: With two wooden poles, string, washing up liquid and water you can create giant bubbles at the seaside. Children will be running around trying to catch and pop them until the sun sets.

Beach Kite Flying: With the open space and sea breeze the beach is the perfect place to fly a kite.

River Race: Encourage kids to dig a couple of trenches that lead to the water. Then create a boat of sorts with something that floats. Children can race the boats against one another. Make the racing more exciting by pouring water from buckets in the trench or build a dam and release the water in one go. Add obstacles and curves to make it more difficult.

Treasure Hunt: Prior to visiting the beach make a list of items commonly found on the beach, like shells, seaweed and pebbles. Either see who can find all the items first or who can find the most items in an allotted time period.

Beach Tag: This traditional playground game is great fun on the beach as running and falling here is more fun than on tarmac or concrete.  You can also make it beach themed by the person chasing pretending to be a shark, fish or octopus.

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Beach Games for Adults

While the above beach activities will be fun for adults too, here a few other games that you might enjoy.

Beach Limbo: While the game of limbo can be purchased it is easy to make your own. For the Limbo bar, you can use a pool noodle or beach towel. The winner is the person who can go the lowest under the “bar,” without touching it.

Beach Bowling: For a fun accuracy challenge give beach bowling a try. Throw a “jack” into the sand, this needs to be smaller than the bowling balls and ideally a different color so that you can tell them apart.  The player nearest the “jack” wins. Make sure everyone’s balls are easily identified.

Donkey: Spice up a game of catch with penalties. When people drop the ball, they need to throw or catch with the non-writing hand or stand on one leg. When a penalty is given they are awarded a letter of Donkey. When they spell out the whole word Donkey, they are out.

Beach Darts: Draw a target on the sand and choose a points scheme. For example, the smallest inner circle is 50 points and then decrease by 10 points per outer ring. Throw a sandbag or roll a tennis ball and if it lands in a circle you earn those points. See who can get to 500 points first.

With these beach activities, there is no reason for anyone to become bored at the beach. Which one will you play first?