Things To Do In Florida

The Striking Beauty of Daytona Beach, Florida

This city in Florida, as the name suggests, is primarily famous for its signature beach.

Even the nicknames given to the city – “The World’s Most Famous Beach” & “The Spring Break Capital of the World” – are based on its most popular attractions.

The fact that makes the beach of Daytona so special is that it has hard-packed sand. The advantage of having hard-packed sand is that it allows motor vehicles to be driven on the beach too! Owing to this hard-packed sand, Daytona Beach is historically known for being a Mecca for motorsports. The city has been hosting top motorsports competitions since the last 50 years.

These competitions also include motorbike races held during the “Bike Week” conducted in every March.

We’ve selected several tourism opportunities in Daytona that attracts the tourists from all four corners of the world and make the city so remarkably unique.

Daytona Beach

Stretching over more than 23 miles, this most popular beach in the world boosts the tourism industry in the city exponentially. The beach is located at the very center of city’s peninsula and is famous for swarming crowds, the very busy pier, and of course the hard-packed sand. You can just drive up to the beach and park your car right there at the shore. The pier on the beach is another major attraction. If you go beyond the pier you’ll find a massive variety of bars, restaurants and shops. The beach is open 24/7. However, driving hours begin at sunrise and end as the sun sets.

Beach Street

Beach Street is the famous shopping street that is situated between Bay Street and Orange Avenue in the city’s downtown area. The most spectacular feature of this shopping street is provided by the Halifax River that flows nearby and gives all the restaurants and shops that are at the riverfront a very delightful and pleasant ambiance. Also, the restaurants that you’ll find here are of diverse variety offering delectable American, Italian, French, Mexican, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. The shops in this area sell almost everything which includes antiques, clothes, jewelry, art and books.

Pure Life Surf School

Visiting Daytona and not surfing is the biggest mistake you can make. You don’t have to be a professional surfer to surf at the Daytona Beach. This surf school gives surfing lessons, sets up surf camps and offers lessons for stand up paddleboards. You can be of any age to sign up for these private or group lessons from these trained, experienced and really professional instructors.

Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

This lighthouse holds special significance for the tourists. Firstly, this is the tallest lighthouse in the United States, and secondly, it has a rich and well preserved history. The lighthouse is a must-visit to get a bird’s eye view of surrounding vicinity, but you’ll have to prepare yourself to climb a flight of 203 stairs. However, this climb to the top of this 175 foot tall structure is totally worth it. Thanks to the spectacular views that you get of Daytona Beach, and the northern bank of Ponce Inlet where Indian River meets the Halifax River. After enjoying the views from the very top of the lighthouse, the next stop is Lens Museum where you can walk through the exhibits briefing you about the history of this lighthouse.

Daytona International Speedway

If there is anything else other than Daytona Beach for which this city is known it’s Daytona International Speedway. Inaugurated in 1959, this amazing complex that hosts biggest racing competitions (like Daytona 500 in every February) has been the ticket for this city to fame. This speedway with a wild and roaring crowd of thousands literally takes your breath away. The place also hosts smaller events, but if it’s a non-event day then you can walk up to racing track and take a tour on a tram.

Daytona Lagoon

If you’ve had enough with the beach then you should probably head to this amusement park where you can play golf on the mini golf course, play laser tag, go kart racing, climb a rock wall and entertain yourself with various other games and activities. There’s a water park which children usually enjoy. This water park consists of lazy river, water slides of various sorts and a wave pool.

This is truly a fascinating city and, as some people might say, the only city in Florida that has a very strong individual style that differs from the rest of the Floridian cities. This is mainly due to the local obsession with racing of automobiles and bikes on beach and grand international racing competitions at the speedway. That’s what makes Daytona so special, the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber in the International Speedway with a wildly cheering crowd of thousands. All this and more makes this city one breathtakingly adventurous tourist spot.