Travel Back in Time with Dinos Alive!

Dinosaurs were once thought to be extinct, but they are very much alive and roaming the grounds at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo! The Lowry Park Zoo has always been a great family-friendly attraction in Tampa Bay, and now it’s even more exciting with the Dinos Alive interactive exhibit, a seasonal offering open for a limited time.

While at the zoo, you can make some prehistoric pals, like a juvenile T-Rex affectionately named “Priscilla.” You’ll find her roaming around the perimeter of the Prehistoric Park section of the zoo. She’s pretty stealthy too so you may run into her when you least expect to. In fact, all through Prehistoric Park, you’ll find these life-sized dinos doing their thing, from the carnivorous to the herbivorous. See them roam and stomp while they roar.

Your kids will never have so much fun learning out in the wild. With the exciting interactive activities offered during the Dinos Alive exhibit, they can dig for dino fossils. Let them be a paleontologist for the day while they go on a fossil dig, enjoy putting it all together in the build-a-saurus area, or learn even more about their favorite dinosaurs in the Dino Discovery Theatre.

Plus, everyone in the family can check out the real dinosaur fossils and artifacts on display in the paleontologist tent. You can talk to real paleontologists and learn everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite dinosaurs from T-Rex to triceratops!

While the dinosaurs are taking over the zoo, they’ll also be taking over the Birds of Prey show. You might be surprised to find out that birds are the closest living relatives to the dinosaurs. This popular zoo show is even more exciting with a Dinos Alive theme!

Another primitive relic you can get to know better is the Indian Rhino. Lowry Park Zoo has an unforgettable close encounter experience with this rare species of rhinoceros that’s in danger of becoming extinct. Get the chance to feed this special creature and learn more about the Indian Rhino species. Along with the encounter, the zoo photographer will snap a photo of this wonderful memory that you’ll treasure forever. However, a word to the wise – book this experience in advance so you don’t miss your chance!

Sooner or later, you’re bound to work up an appetite during your day experiencing Dinos Alive. The Dino Grille is open, featuring a brand new menu that was created just for the Dinos Alive experience. Try the savory Meteor Meatloaf if you’re in the mood for something meaty. It’s an open-faced meatloaf sandwich atop a slice of garlic bread with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. Or try the T-Rex-a-Dilla, two chicken quesadillas topped with an avocado ranch sauce. It comes with warm tortilla chips, salsa, and sour cream. For the lighter appetite, the Omnivore Salad will delight with goat cheese, strawberries, walnuts, and grilled chicken all dressed with a balsamic dressing.

And if the whole family is famished, get the Jurassic Feast for everyone to devour together. It’s a meal that could satisfy a dinosaur of an appetite. It includes a whole rotisserie chicken plus a full rack of ribs. Fries and a choice of either mashed potatoes or mac and cheese are included. You can also add a garden salad if you’d prefer some more greens. If your appetite isn’t quite this big though, you can also get the Jurassic Feast in a half portion instead.

Before you leave, you need to capture your special memories by visiting the Expedition Photo green screen near the entrance of the Dinos Alive exhibit. Strike your craziest poses in front of the green screen and discover your dino-enhanced photo before you leave. It makes for a great souvenir to remember you special adventure.

And speaking of souvenirs, you’ll find everything you want to buy at the brand new gift shopped, the Outpost. You’ll find everything dino that you can imagine. From cups to slippers to backpacks and beyond, everything has a dinosaur theme to it. You’re bound to find something fantastic that will help you commemorate your trip.

Just like the dinosaurs over 65 million years ago, the Dinos Alive exhibit won’t last forever. Hurry to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo to get in on the dino action before they go into extinction once more!

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

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