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What’s hot in Florida right now? Find out right here! Besides the temperatures, you’ll discover the hottest places to see and experience in the Sunshine State. Find a fantastic resort-style hotel in the center of everything in Orlando, or stay in the most-now place down on South Beach in Miami. Wherever you want to be FloridaEscape, has the latest on the greatest places to kick your flip-flops off at the end of the night.

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Planning a trip to Florida but not sure what to do or see? Check here for incredible videos on the hottest day trips, activities, unique sights and so much more. Whether you’re up for a day out in the Everglades, or you’d rather spend it shopping in Bal Harbour, you’ll know exactly where to go to have the best Florida vacation ever.

So what’s hot in Florida right now? Everything on this page. Check it out to make the most of your Florida vacation!