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10 Ways to Chill by the Delta Orlando Hotel Poolside

So you’ve come to Orlando for an epic vacation. We get it. But not every single second of your trip should be spent running from attraction to attraction. That can really wear you out. Stay in a hotel that promotes chill times by the pool – the Delta Orlando Hotel. The Delta Orlando Hotel Poolside is the perfect place to unwind and soak up the Florida sunshine. Here are 10 reasons why you need to chill at the Delta Orlando Hotel Poolside.

  • Poolside food and beverage service
    No need to get up when you’re hungry or thirsty. Get awesome tasty snacks like flatbread delivered right to your lounge chair by D Flats, the Delta Orlando Hotel’s in-house restaurant. Quench your thirst with one of the craft brews, a tropical cocktail, or even something alcohol-free.
  • Relax in the Jacuzzi
    All that walking around the theme parks will lead to some aching feet and sore muscles. Relax and rejuvenate in the Jacuzzi at the Delta Orlando Hotel Poolside and you’ll find all your worries washing away.
  • Heated pool
    True that Florida is warm for much of the year, in the winter months in Central Florida, it can get quite cold. Even when the air is warmer, the water gets colder. But don’t worry because the Delta Orlando Hotel Poolside comes equipped with a heated pool, making for a comfortable swimming experience year-round.
  • Convenient pool hours
    Whether you stay in to enjoy the Delta Orlando Hotel Poolside or come back from an all-day adventure to get a dip in the pool, you’ll be happy to know that the pool is open from 7am to 10pm every day. That’s a lot of potential splash time!
  • Private cabanas
    Enjoy a more intimate poolside experience by requesting a private cabana. With exceptional service and a more private retreat, it will help you relax in style.
  • Free wifi access poolside
    Make everyone jealous by instantly uploading photos from your vacation while hanging out at the Delta Orlando Hotel Poolside. The free wifi access makes it easy without using up your data.
  • Plenty of fresh, clean pool towels
    Leave your towels in your bathroom. At the Delta Orlando Hotel Poolside, you’ll find freshly washed and folded pool towels that will help you feel refreshed when you dry off after your swim.
  • Ideal outdoor book nook
    The Delta Orlando Hotel Poolside is a fantastic place to get some reading done. The theme parks are fun but very over-stimulating. What better way to calm your mind than to read a book by this spectacular sparkling pool?
  • Get your jam on
    If the rest of your family is making you crazy on your vacation, just pop in your earbuds and rock out to your favorite tunes poolside. To make it even more fun, enjoy reason #1 on this list with your music.
  • Take poolside selfies
    Is everyone else back home suffering through another snow storm or shackled to their desk at work? Let them know what they’ve been missing by snapping some poolside selfies. Don’t forget to use reason #6 from our list to get your fabulous photos out there fast!

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